The Verses on the Larger Sutra

If one hears the virtuous Name of Amida,
Rejoices, praises, and takes refuge in it,
One will gain great benefit even with one Nembutsu;
That is, one will obtain the treasure of merit.

Even if the whole universe were filled with fire,
Pass through it straightaway to hear the Buddha's Name.
If one hears Amida's Name, one will enter the Stage of Non-retrogression.
For this reason, I bow and worship the Buddha with singleness of heart

Words of Shinran Shonin

"When the right moment for indestructible diamond-like shinjin to be established in us,
Amida enfolds and protects us with the light of his compasion,
always separating us from birth and death."


Faith as indestructible as diamond arises in our minds
From the Buddha's continuous remembrance of us;
Without the special means of the Other-Power,
How could we ever attain the Determined Faith?

(Jogai Wasan)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amida Begs You to Let Him Save You

By Rev. Josho Adrian Cirlea
Reverend Sakakibara said:

“When you take a bath, you enter with the dirtiest part of the body: your feet. In exactly the same way, you enter the Vow with all your defilements. The nembutsu enters your body through the dirtiest part of your body – the bottom of your feet. Amida does not say you must come with your body cleansed, but that you should come with the body that is doomed to the six realms of transmigration. The Buddha himself comes to you begging you to let him save you. As my teacher, Professor Ikeyama, has expressed it, the Buddha says, bowing to you, “I beg you, please come soon”. Even if you are a defiled being, you will be saved as you are. Namo Amida Butsu is the path of going beyond birth and death. This is the teaching of Amida Buddha.”
This book is available at Dharma Lion Publications.


  1. First, Thank you for this new Blog !! :-)

    and secondly, a "little" reading for the readers of this beautiful blog:

    The Last Letter from RENNYO SHÖNIN'S' OFUMI (fascicle V )

    22. On the import of our Tradition's Teaching

    Those who seek to know thoroughly the meaning of our tradition's teaching and be bornin the land of Utmost Bliss must first of all know about Other-Power faith.
    What is the essential point of Other-Power faith ? it is the provision by which wretched foolish beings like ourselves go readily to the Pure Land.
    In what way does Other-Power faith find expression? We simply entrust ourselves exclusively to Amida Tathâgata, single heartedly and steadfastly; and with the awakening on the one-thought moment in wich we realise that Amida saves us, Amida Tathâgata unfailingly send forth his embracing light and keeps us safe within this light as long as we are in this world (sahâ).It is precisely in this state that our birth is assured.
    Thus "namu-amida-butsu" expresses the attaining of Other-Power faith.We must bear in mind that this faith is the source of "namu-amida-butsu".Then, because we receive this one Other-Power faith,there is no doubt at all that we will be born readily in the land of utmost bliss. How incomparable is amaida Tathâgata's Primal Vow!
    How are to respond to this gracious benevolence of Amida?
    Simply by saying "Namu-amida-butsu",sleeping or waking,we respond to Amida Tathâgata's benevolence.
    With that mind, then, do we say "Namu-amida-butsu"?
    Think of it as the rejoicing mind that realizes how gracious and wonderful it is that Amida Tathâgata saves us.


    Shônyo, disciple of Sâkyamuni
    (written seal)

    Vincent (from French Guiana)

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